Dealing with fraud

Businesses, as much as individuals, can be victims of fraud. Every business, therefore, should take steps to safeguard itself against fraudulent activities, whatever their source and whatever their nature.

It is estimated that fraud costs UK businesses as much as £5 billion a year. Are you certain your business is not a victim?
We've all heard the saying, 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket.' When it comes to assigning responsibility for everyday financial transactions, business owners should heed this advice and never give too much control to one employee.
Identity fraud is an ever-increasing problem in the UK. According to the Home Office, the annual cost is now £1.7bn, with businesses shouldering around £50m of the burden.
Large amounts of cash in hand Small stock with a high cash value Easily convertible assets (eg. tools, vehicles)
Remember, suspicion is not enough - you need proof before you can act. Behaviour that looks dishonest often turns out to be perfectly legitimate, so avoid jumping to conclusions or immediately confronting the suspect.