The CBI’s monthly business activity growth indicator showed a slump in the first quarter to its lowest point since April 2013. This has been attributed to a major loss of business confidence due to Brexit uncertainty. Manufacturing grew slowly but output in the services sector dropped. It seems likely that until the Brexit issue is resolved the private sector will continue to suffer.

SME’s cannot do anything to change the Brexit debacle. But you can take steps not only to protect your businesses but also to capitalise on the opportunities which will exist when the upturn comes.

HW Associates have a track record in helping SME’s from start-up to sale or succession. The reason:our service lines are practical not theoretical.

We appreciate two key facts. As an Owner Manager you fully understand your business. You benefit from access to good professional financial advice to help meet your objectives. Our emphasis is on delivering quality advice to compliment your skills.We never forget that you are the expert in your business.

Running a business is a lonely experience. Maybe you have a good idea of where you want to take your business? Do you have a sounding board to test your ideas? Perhaps you are not sure of the financial implications or the options open to you?

We can help. Business Coaching gives you the opportunity to discuss your ideas with somebody independent. We encourage; provide constructive criticism; make positive suggestions;  keep you to your timetable; but above all to give you support when it is needed.

You don’t need to be an accounting or tax client of our firm to benefit from using us as your independent Business Coach. However, it can be of great advantage to bolt on Coaching to the wide range of conventional accounting and taxation services we offer to SME’s.

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