Our fees

Before accepting you as a client we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your precise objectives and how we can assist.

Once we have identified and agreed with you the scope of the work to be done we will, if possible, give you a fixed cost. If, because of the nature of the work, this is not feasible, we will give you an estimate of the associated costs together with an explanation of how we will communicate better cost particulars once they are known.

We fully understand that costing structures must be transparent and that nobody wants unexpected surprises. It is for this reason that for many of our services we offer a price based upon a package of the chosen services taken up.

We do not charge for general telephone calls or emails as long as these are kept at a reasonable level and are not part of an agreed standalone piece of work in which case they are included in the agreed cost basis of that work.

A further popular option is the flexibility offered through our monthly subscription service which allows you to pay as you go. This is an attractive way of spreading costs as an alternative to the conventional methods of credit card and cheque which we do, of course, accept.

In some project led cases the outcome cannot be predetermined. In this event we will sometimes agree by negotiation a fixed fee or a fee formulae or, if appropriate, a combination of both. The types of work concerned might be acquisitions, disposals or the raising of finance.

Our message is simple: we aim to offer a quality service at a price and within a payment structure that is fair to both of us.

We can help

We work with you and for you, not against you.
Our experience, expertise and practicality will complement your own skills and can only enhance your business.