Business services

We know that as an SME you will have to handle a whole range of accounting, taxation, legal and structural issues. We also know that you as the business owner will probably be trying to manage these on your own in addition to running the operational side.

Our working style and team structure recognizes that you want to work in conjunction with your accountants. You may outsource aspects such as bookkeeping, payroll and management accounting but your overall requirement is that you can work with your accountant as your key business adviser. You want an accountant that listens and understands your business before giving advice.

We have designed our services so that you get to know as many of our team as possible. Our MD, Mark Hjertzen is always available to give you the benefit of his broad and detailed experience of SME’s and Owner Managed Businesses .Other members of the team are on hand to advise on areas such as taxation ,accounting, company secretarial and audit. Whilst team members have specific areas of expertise they have a sufficient knowledge of other areas for our advice to include a consideration of any wider consequences that it might have. We look at the whole picture not just the part. For example, if we are advising on a tax matter we will consider the impact of the advice on your accounting policies and vice versa. 

Our reputation is for helping businesses from conception through to sale or succession. We aim to provide the widest possible range of high quality, realistically priced services to businesses. We will be very pleased to help yours.

Audits, Independent Examinations and Assurance

Our services include company statutory audit, charities/not for profit, professional firms’ compliance and internal audit.

We have substantial experience of auditing UK subsidiaries of European holding companies.  We currently act for subsidiaries of French, German, Danish, Italian and Dutch companies.

We plan our audits to minimise the disruption to the client whilst ensuring that deadlines are met and that our fees are charged on a sensible and realistic basis.  Our audits are risk based which means that we can concentrate on those areas that are of most interest to management.

Having a disciplined approach to audit means that we can also apply our specialist skills to a range of non-audit functions such as forensic, due diligence assignments and investigatory assignments.


We prepare accounts for any type of business or entity whether a limited company, a limited liability partnership, a partnership, a sole trader or a charity.

Apart from preparing annual accounts and periodic management accounts we advise on compliance matters and the design of accounting systems.


We provide a range of specialist services to local charities always remembering that each charity has its own specific needs.

Our services include independent examination, statutory audit, internal audit and general advice.

Bookkeeping, Payroll and Business Support

Whilst the majority of our bookkeeping is now cloud-based (Quick Books, KashFlow, Xero, Sage) we do accept that some clients prefer to continue with spreadsheets.  Whatever your choice we design our approach to make things run as smoothly as possible and to comply with the requirements of H M Revenue & Customs, your bank and anybody else that has a legitimate interest in your affairs.  Our aim is to deliver a comprehensive package that is suitable for your needs at a realistic and competitive price.

Our bespoke payroll service covers all of your compliance obligations together with providing you with summaries and analyses of staff costs in whichever format is most appropriate to your business.

We can advise on the administration of ex-gratia payments, bonuses, incentive schemes, maternity pay and statutory sick pay together with any other areas that might crop up from time to time.

Our wide range of business support services extend from advising, for example, on the appropriateness of H M Revenue & Customs’ various VAT schemes and the completion of VAT returns for the scheme most appropriate to your business to advising foreign companies on setting up operations in the UK.

Business Advice for SME's and Owner Managed Businesses

Running a business is challenging. It is an adventure and rewarding but can also be lonely and traumatic. We specialise in your size of business and know the problems and potential pitfalls.

Our team will work with you to protect and develop your business and the financial and personal investment you have made.

We recognize the importance of dealing with day-to-day queries quickly. Because we work as a team there will nearly always be somebody available to help with these promptly.


Our comprehensive services include personal and corporation tax compliance and planning, inheritance tax and capital gains tax advice, trusts, VAT, H M Revenue & Customs investigations and R & D tax credit claims.

Corporate Finance

We draw upon our long experience of SME’s to undertake a range of corporate finance services including due diligence investigations, share valuations, general business planning and succession planning.

Corporate Tax Planning

You put much effort into controlling your direct and indirect costs. Why not let us help you with perhaps your biggest cost – corporation tax? We can deal with all your compliance obligations, ensure that you mitigate your tax liability to the full and deal with HMRC as your agent.

International Services

Whether you are a UK company looking to extend your activities overseas or an overseas company wishing to trade in the UK we can support you through our in-house resources and international connections.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whilst not every day events when they do occur you need good technical and common sense support to help you through what is ,in most cases, a stressful time.

We can help you from early negotiations, to due diligence, to finance and finally to completion.

Start-ups and Development Planning

Setting up a new business is one of life’s great experiences. You wouldn’t go up the Amazon without careful planning and so why would you enter into business without doing the same?

We work with you to help you decide on the right structure for you. We explain the legal, tax and practical steps that need to be taken to get you going. We can either advise you how they should be dealt with or manage them for you. Either way you will benefit from our support and experience.

It may be that you are already up and running but feel that you want to develop your business to the next level. If so as experienced Chartered Accountants we have the skills and experience to help you achieve your objective.

We can help

We work with you and for you, not against you.
Our experience, expertise and practicality will complement your own skills and can only enhance your business.